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Hello! Thank you for visiting our group :)

I hope you're here because you think Levi is awesome (because he is!)


*respect others*
*love Levi*
*have fun ; )*


Featured - these are works I choose to feature. Sometimes because the artwork is emotionally powerful, interestingly inspired, or just awesome.

Featured Level 2 - Things I particularly like, but aren't quite featured level. You can also submit works here that you want to be considered for the featured folder. (no OCs and no WIPs/sketches)

Contest - is for the current contest.

Levi Only - pretty simple. Works of only Levi, no other characters. But titans don't count. So scenes where he is fighting titans can go in this folder, too. And titan-shifters count as characters even in titan form.

Levi Pairings - also pretty simple. Any pairing with Levi in it goes here be it Ereri, Eruri, Levimika or anything else. Also, Levi x an OC is allowed, too.

Multiple Characters - Levi with any other SnK character(s) in nonromantic settings (no OCs, sorry.)

Genderbends - Genderbending of Levi or Levi and others. If there is genderbending in the picture, it goes into this folder.

Chibis - chibi!Levi or any picture with chibis (no OCs).

Cosplays - any cosplays of Levi. Having other characters in the picture is fine, too.

Comics/Doujins - again, self-explanatory. And submitting one page of the doujin or the whole thing is fine.

Sketches and Monochrome - obvious enough. Sketches with Levi. Subject matter can be anything having to do with Levi. Also, WIPs are ONLY allowed in this folder. Also, anything black and white or monochrome goes here.

Lineart - linearts that others are able to use, please. (OCs are allowed here).

Memes - memes with Rivaille in them somewhere. (OCs are allowed in this folder)

Fanfics - any fanfiction with Rivaille as a main character. OCs and Levi x Reader *are* allowed.

Other - Renders, wallpaper, things made with renders, motivational posters, icons, etc.

A note on what we accept: renders, photo manipulation, manga colorings, and original work all go. Sketches can also be accepted, but no WIPs (except in sketches folder). We want finished work. Also, every deviation has to have Rivaille in it somewhere.

Please, submit art to the appropriate folders. It makes my life easier. Thank you!





Levi by WXYZell Levi :iconwxyzell:WXYZell 327 7 Wait for me Eren by WXYZell Wait for me Eren :iconwxyzell:WXYZell 307 29 Levi by lightandstr0ng Levi :iconlightandstr0ng:lightandstr0ng 10 3 Levi - not a figure dammit by XeroHaggard Levi - not a figure dammit :iconxerohaggard:XeroHaggard 71 6
''Sedative'' - Levi x Reader (Part 3)
From the previous chapter:
You grunted, sure that there has already been a bruise forming on your belly. But you turned your mind to Jean, knowing that he had worse injuries.
Jean’s head was facing the other direction. You couldn’t see if he had been bleeding or not. You attempted to call his name with the pain in your stomach, but he didn’t move an inch, nor respond.
Concerned, you wanted to make your way to him. But it was already too late…
Reiner had stepped back into the room with a knife in one hand and ropes in the other.
“Sedative” – Levi x Reader (Part 3)
The man with the short blond hair nudged the door closed with the heel of his boot. He strode over to Jean and crouched down beside him.
Reiner, someone you thought you knew was now tying Jean’s wrists and ankles together. Reiner, who always had the tendency of being selfless, was now lugging Jean over to where you sat by his upper arms.
Jean grimaced when hi
:iconlevirackerman:LeviRAckerman 40 15
Levi: What's Today's Reality? by nejiHolic Levi: What's Today's Reality? :iconnejiholic:nejiHolic 1 0 Rivaille Mariachi by Haydee-Takarai Rivaille Mariachi :iconhaydee-takarai:Haydee-Takarai 33 7
Wake Up!! [Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader]
"Damn it, woman, stop elbowing me in the side."
You rolled over on your side, making sure you pierced your husband with your death glare...but that proved futile since his eyes were still closed. Regardless of his warning, you nudged his forearm again and again until he backhanded your face.
"You deserved it."
You just coughed and rolled your eyes. "Do we have to get up now? It's too early," you grumbled, pulling the protective sheets over your shoulders.  
"I wouldn't have said anything if you hadn't dug your knife of an elbow into my side, you moron."
You scoffed, collapsing on your back again, praying sleep would graciously grant you serenity and relaxation. With a tired exhale, you nestled into the pillow.
Suddenly, the door creaked open, and tiny footsteps pattered across the wooden floor. Your heart filled with dread. Well, you could throw the hope of extra sleep out the window.
The springs of the bed groaned as the weight of two extra bodies pushed it further down.
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 592 65
Protection [Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader]
Little Faith, watching her mother and brother at the quiet window side, wrapped a piece of her long, dark hair around her little finger. Occasionally, you and he would catch her staring and wave, earning a half hearted wave in reply. The chilly air seeped through the glass and cooled her skin. Her eyes glazed over the longer she watched. The sunlight streamed through illuminating her soft, pale face. Embedded in her left cheek, an ugly, purple bruise hid itself behind the curtain of her hair. Her lips pressed into a thin line, and her free hand gripped the fabric of her pants. She dared not say what happened.
It would only worry them...
Sliding from her seat, she crept out of the room, out of anyone's sight. The door already cracked open, she slipped through and made her way down the grand foyer. Her thin, tiny shadow stretched along the brick wall, accompanying her on her journey.
Holding her wounded cheek, her mind wandered back to this morning. How did one small adventure outside th
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 415 120
A Boy's Hero [Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader]
Matthias twisted and turned in the confinement of his sheets. Sweat trickled down his delicate brow, and his eyes squeezed together as if in physical pain. His throat closed despite his attempt to scream, and only weak whimpers escaped his lips. The longer he slept, the more vivid, the more intense his dark visions became. Even in his state of unconsciousness, he prayed for some form of relief, hoped something could jolt his senses back into place. But, he only sank deeper into his dreams, those horrid memories that would forever be engraved into his mind, the plastered grins of the Titans, the blood of civilians and Scouts dripping down their chins and staining their hands, the smell of decay and fire.
He'd seen it. He'd seen it all.
He bit his lip harder, his groans turning into frantic cries for help. The weight of anxiety weighed down his chest, shortening his breaths. With every bit of strength he could possibly summon in this state, he shrieked, his little voice breaking and trem
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 321 58
Rivaille by kazuki3 Rivaille :iconkazuki3:kazuki3 938 46 Rivaille by RAHWIA Rivaille :iconrahwia:RAHWIA 832 54 Kill Them V3 by nanajuichi Kill Them V3 :iconnanajuichi:nanajuichi 14 0 Like a gentleman by WXYZell Like a gentleman :iconwxyzell:WXYZell 148 29 Levi - Strong heart by Dame-Cruz Levi - Strong heart :icondame-cruz:Dame-Cruz 2 3

Group Info

This group is a celebration of Corporal Rivaille or Levi from Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin). Heichou is awesome! And he proves that short people can be badass : P
Founded 4 Years ago
Aug 18, 2013


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Fan Club

1,721 Members
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Here's the original journal for reference: Spring ContestHello! It's been a while, so it's time for our next contest ^^
The theme: spring
What is accepted:
for writers: one-shots only, and for art: either digital or traditional, anything finished is fine
~your entry must follow the theme~
~respect other participants and no character hate~
~your entry must feature Levi, but there can be other characters (both OCs and canon)~
~you may submit as many entries as you want, but quality of quantity please, and only one can place~
The deadline is April 16, 2016 at 12:00 midnight, central time.
All contestants will have their work moved to the featured folder when the contest is over.
1st place:
300 :points: from KAI314
Semichibi from KAI314
Half body sketch from KAI314
2nd place:
100 :points: from KAI314
Chibi from KAI314
Half body sketch from KAI314
3rd place:
50 :points: from KAI314
Chibi from KAI314
Doodle from KAI314
Art examples:
Semi chibi
 If you won, please send me a note (KAI314)

And now…results!!!

3rd place:
Contest Entry - Ze Finest Bloom by Kaureshi

2nd place:
Levi x Reader - Carving You(AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
Today was the day.
The day for spring cleaning.

You tied a cloth around your mouth and flung open all the windows of your small house. Although you hated cleaning, “The God of Cleanliness” would not be happy to come back to such filth. That was the name you had christened your husband, Levi Ackerman.
After you were done with the main parts of the house, you took your cleaning supplies and descended the stairs leading to the basement. You fumbled for the light switch and threw it on. The lightbulb flickered for a short instant and then threw light upon the multiple wood carvings that were neatly arranged on shelves.
It was amazing what Levi could do with sharp things; kill titans, chop onions, and… whittle wood. When the two of you were younger and still living in those godforsaken slums, he would carve miniature objects in his spare time. You li


1st place:
Spring Levi 2 (Contest Entry) by BellaNoel99

I'll be sending points later today. Thank you for participating!
More Journal Entries


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